To protect the confidentiality of clients, the names and facts in these stories have been changed but are based on fortunes told to some clients.

Sarah and Anne
Sarah came to visit and she thought everything was in place. She had accepted that fate will take its own course. She came with her friend Anne and they both came out of curiosity. Sarah was married and was trying for a baby, and was going to have IVF treatment.

I started the reading and all went well until I said within 18 months you will be married and having a baby. She said “I am already married”, what a fool I was, she was wearing a wedding ring but as usual I didn’t notice. She then asked me if she would need help having a child I said “no” completely natural, I felt really sick, could I be that wrong. Her friend came in to have her reading again all started well until I said you will not marry for 3-4 years she then said she was getting married in 6 weeks, I felt like giving up Fortune Telling at that moment.

They insisted they pay me and went away feeling they had wasted their money but great to tell everyone at the office how crap I was. Then 18 months later Anne came back to see me, I didn’t recognise her as I don’t take telephone numbers or surnames and nothing is registered in my head. I started to tell her Fortune and as I continued she asked if I recognised her, no I did not.

She said she came to see me 18 months ago and both her and her friend had a good laugh at the way they had just wasted £20 when they left. Within a month, Sarah’s Husband had died suddenly and she met someone else and within the year she was pregnant. Anne had been looking forward to getting married but a week before the marriage her partner had called off the wedding.

Paula came to see me. Her husband had just gone on a trip with some friends of his and she was upset that she thought her marriage was on the rocks. I said she would never get divorced and would never leave her house but she would travel the world and have another relationships and even get married again.

5 days later her husband died abroad and although in a large house, 18 years later, she is still there. At times she has tried to sell it but fate turns the tables and something always goes wrong with the sale and she is still there.

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